Programme overview
Put your leadership and team work into the spotlight - understand exactly what you need to do to be as an effective leadership team as possible.

Includes Insights Discovery personal development tool on day one, to help increase communication and collaboration.
The team is split into three isolated sub-groups on day two:

  • Management team in the yacht cabin
  • Executive team on deck
  • Field team in the power boat

Learning opportunities include:

  • Adapting to new environments and communication systems
  • Improving remote communications
  • For the management team:
    • Analysing information
    • Developing and communicating a strategy
    • Managing remote groups to achieve results to tight timescales
  • Changing roles to see remote working from other people’s perspective

This is a 1.5 days' residential course, which takes place in Lymington or Windermere.

Watch a short video about Perfect Storm training on YouTube.

Day 1

  • Insights Discovery workshop
  • Project 1 and review - Insights Discovery in action, agree a group problem solving method and expectations of leaders and team members
  • Project 2 and review - focused on remote communication and empowerment
  • Decide roles for tomorrow’s Project “Perfect Storm”
  • Evening - Individual reflection time, dinner and informal discussions

Day 2

  • Early morning – Breakfast, Marina and prepare for the day including safety briefing
  • Set sail and Phase 1
  • Arrive Yarmouth Harbour, lunch, review and change roles
  • Set sail on Phase 2
  • Arrive back at Lymington, afternoon tea and concluding review of Perfect Storm
  • Individual action planning

Please call us to discuss your team requirements and preferred location and costs on 0345 071 2806.

Experiential training to:

  • Improve remote communications
  • Open up communications ahead of business reviews or
  • strategy meetings
  • Leadership training
  • Client relationship building