Positive psychology builds motivation, psychological awareness, resilience and well-being – all ingredients necessary for high-performing individuals and organisations.

This course provides an experiential introduction and overview of positive psychology, the tools and methods related to the science of optimal functioning and its application in the workplace.

Positive Psychology is about focusing on your strengths, building upon them to help nurture your natural flow and positive emotion. You will discover how to work with positive psychology to bring deeper meaning through positive engagement. You will be equipped with tools and methods you can use for yourself and co-workers.

Suitable for anyone interested in using the practical application of positive psychology to build motivation, well-being and a positive, strengths based workplace.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Experience and understand the science and models of flourishing
  • Utilise existing strengths to develop new ones
  • Understand your mind-sets
  • Act upon a positive approach to your performance
  • Be optimistic and build plasticity into your thinking
  • Improve your personal motivation
  • Find greater meaning in your role / life
  • Use skilful will for achievement

We will send you a free internet link where you can take a short, 30 minute strengths test ahead of the course. You will need to bring your results to the training.

The Science of Flourishing

  • The PERMA model – Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement
  • Psychological Capital  – Hope, Efficacy, Resilience & Optimism
  • Working with Appreciative Inquiry 5D model and coaching
  • Working with mindsets and the 7-step mindset analysis

What is the Strengths Approach?

  • Strengths are your talents & positive qualities – your inner resources
  • Focus on strengths over weaknesses to maximise performance and growth
  • How working to strengths increases engagement and well-being

The Benefits of Positivity for Performance

  • How positivity facilitates greater openness, innovation and productivity
  • Positivity broadens thinking and builds inner resources
  • Increased positivity enhances performance and well-being

Optimism & Resilience

  • How optimism fuels success and well-being
  • The basics of optimistic thinking
  • Building resilience – ingredients that enable you to bounce back
  • Using the Act-of-Will and Skilful Will methods to maximise achievement

Motivation & Meaning at Work

  • The three fundamental needs – autonomy, competence and relatedness 
  • Finding meaning in your job or vocation.
  • Crafting your work for increased meaning and developing creative expression.
  • Mindfulness and gratitude, keynotes for positive psychological health