This 90-minute virtual session will help you to transform your virtual presentation skills, empowering you with greater control, composure and confidence. You will start by learning how to make the best use of your voice in a virtual environment, and how to break some common linguistic habits that can detract from your message. You will then explore how to keep your audience engaged by posing questions and using online interactivity tools. Finally, you will consider some common technical issues and work out how to prevent them from happening – and to quickly fix them if they do. You will leave us with a toolkit of tips and techniques giving you the ability to engage any virtual audience and to project confidence and professionalism.

This short session is suitable for anyone who is required to present in a virtual environment at work and would like to build their skills and confidence

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Use your voice and body language to best effect
  • Interact with your audience, taking questions and feedback
  • Manage technical and people challenges effectively
  • Projecting your voice to sound interested, enthusiastic and professional
  • Common linguistic habits and how to break them: fillers, rising inflection, jargon, verbal tics, weasel words
  • Making the most of available online tools to interact with your audience
  • Using yourself as an interactivity tool
  • Posing questions to keep your audience engaged and stimulate their thinking
  • Advance planning to mitigate technical problems and set the rules of engagement
  • Troubleshooting common technical and connectivity issues