The receptionist is the first point of contact with your customers. Your receptionist needs to create a long lasting good impression within moments. Your customers need to experience how good it feels walking into your company, so they stay loyal and committed.

This interactive course will enable receptionists to develop their customer service skills and communication skills within a supportive and encouraging environment. The course will reinforce the importance of their public relations role, raise awareness of the key interpersonal skills essential for their success and help them cope with reception duties as well as admin tasks that might come their way.

Suitable for receptionists, frontline staff and administrators who are required to be confident and professional in their approach to visitors and callers, whilst keeping an organised and well maintained reception area.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build good public relations and project your organisation in a professional manner
  • Communicate well with all people at all levels
  • Develop effective listening skills in order to get it right first time
  • Deal with complaints and difficult situations positively
  • Juggle administration tasks and reception duties effectively

To gain maximum benefit, please bring with you examples of good and bad service you have received from others.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

  • Your role in representing your company
  • Defining your responsibilities to your customers
  • Making first impressions count
  • Projecting a professional image
  • Maintaining a positive attitude

Professional Communication Skills

  • Being prepared at all times
  • Building rapport with your customers
  • Successful questioning techniques to enable you to get the right information
  • Effective listening skills to get it right first time
  • Powerful use of your voice and language
  • Dealing effectively with all types of callers

Turning Difficult Situations into Great Opportunities

  • Handling cold calls effectively
  • Dealing with difficult callers -remaining calm and professional
  • Handling complaints in a structured manner

Juggling Tasks in a Busy Reception Area

  • Tips on how to fit your admin tasks in, without neglecting your customers
  • Dealing effectively with your customers when everything happens at once
    • The phone ringing
    • Customers wanting your attention
    • Deadlines to meet

Action Planning

  • Formulating an action plan