This highly interactive two-day course focuses on preparation for and managing face-to-face meetings with your customers. Meetings give you the best chance to turn a prospect into a sale and to develop long term relationships with your present customers – this course will ensure that you have the in depth skills and knowledge to make the most of this opportunity.

Suitable for any sales person who has a front line sales role and will be or is meeting face-to-face with customers.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Arrive at a sales meeting fully prepared
  • Be able to manage and control the meeting from the beginning
  • Ensure you have a complete understanding of your customer's business needs
  • Present your product or service offering your customer solutions and benefits
  • Ensure you gain the commitment to buy from the customer
  • Tailor your approach to the customer's buying style
  • Build a long lasting and positive relationship with your customer
  • Produce your own development plan

Delegates will need to bring detailed information on products and services that they normally use during client meetings and come prepared for one upcoming face-to-face sales meeting. This will be used as a case study to be used during the course.

Preparation for the Meeting

  • Differences between selling on the telephone and face to face meetings
  • The various types of meetings and how they differ
  • Objectives - why are you having the meeting?
  • What to take and information to know

Structure of a Meeting

  • Creating the right impression
  • Introductions and agendas to manage the meeting
  • Information gathering to ensure understanding
  • Focused listening skills
  • Presenting your case effectively – offering sales solutions
  • Ensuring commitment to buy from the customer
  • Following up to ensure a successful outcome

Personal Presentation

  • First impressions matter
  • Understanding and using body language
  • The different customer personality types and how to effectively build rapport with them
  • Some presentations will be recorded for you to view and you will be given feedback on how to enhance your approach and delivery

Using Visual Aids

  • The different aids available – presenters, laptops, brochures etc
  • How to use them effectively

Personal Development

  • Preparing a personal action plan