Wowing an audience can be tricky even for a seasoned presenter. If you are looking to use a more natural presenting style to a larger audience then this course is for you.

This course will refine your individual speaking style and build on dynamic techniques in order to convey impactful messages to your select audience. 

This course is suitable for chief executives, directors, senior managers and professionals who find themselves presenting to larger audiences.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build a logical and attention-holding structure.
  • Meet your key objectives with flexible delivery.
  • Make it memorable - construct compelling openings and closures.
  • Create content that remains memorable.
  • Use dynamic visuals at the right time.
  • Remain relaxed even when things don’t go to plan.
  • Use silence and pauses for maximum impact.
  • Perfect your personal style.

You are required to bring a five to ten minute work-related presentation with you to maximise the time available. A recording of your delivery will be provided for ongoing development.

The Audience

  • Understanding the audience, its needs and expectations
  • Holding the audience’s attention – stay in control
  • Using questions and objections as opportunities
  • Maintaining your credibility

Voice and Image

  • Breathing and voice projection
  • Boost your vocal energy
  • Make any nerves work for you
  • Body language that inspires

Language that Works

  • Repetition, pausing and summaries
  • Using words which are natural and unforced - avoiding business speak
  • Positive and dynamic language
  • Conveying passion 


  • Storytelling, ice-breakers and mood makers
  • Creating empathy and feeling for your audience
  • Using word pictures
  • Isolating the key messages

Personal Development

  • Monitoring your strengths and weaknesses
  • Building your confidence to deliver consistently