Do you feel like you are constantly swamped by information?

This course will introduce you to new techniques to enable you to save time, retain important information and re-adjust your reading style to suit different formats. You will also learn how to encourage good readings habits and gain strategies for improvements.

Suitable for those who read through lots of emails, articles, reports or other long documents, and who want to save time by finding the information they need quickly.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Read faster without losing comprehension.
  • Recall important information by developing greater retention.
  • Recognise the bad habits that may be holding you back.
  • Select the most appropriate technique for different written materials.
  • Use skimming strategies for urgent reading to find specific information.
  • Apply different methods of note taking for summarising and retention.
  • Adjust techniques and speed to assist with proofreading and editing.

An Overview

  • Understanding what speed reading is and how it helps
  • Assessment of your reading speed and comprehension
  • An appreciation of your mental blocks
  • Reading blocks and bad reading habits

Skills and Techniques

  • Retaining concentration levels
  • How to assess different written materials
  • The most efficient and effective approach for each read
  • Using reading ‘gears’ to enhance speed
  • Scanning for key points
  • Skimming techniques for information gathering

Comprehension and Retention

  • How to read for study and future retention
  • Memory techniques for instant recall
  • Strategies for note taking
  • Help comprehension with mind maps

Personal Development

  • System for continuous improvement and practice