Sales methodologies are “ten a penny” these days, with each one promising unprecedented growth, client retention and client revenue. If only it was that simple. But it can be. For sales people to be successful with large and complex deals, it’s essential to have a structured approach and a focus on making their customers successful in their own business to bring deals to closure.

A tactical salesperson is focused on the features of what it is they sell. The questions they ask are all geared around getting the customer to think and see why they need what it is they’re selling. The strategic salesperson is focused on the outcomes the customer is looking for and what will make them successful. Their questions are focused on getting the customer to think about the outcomes they need to succeed.

By using tried and tested tools, sales people will develop a practical approach to their role that will transition to real world activity once they leave the classroom.

This programme is suitable for experienced and novice sales people alike who want to develop a professional strategic approach to selling.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Move from transactional selling to strategic selling. What does it mean to be a ‘trusted business advisor’?
  • Understand the importance of being customer-focused and what it really means.
  • Know how to analyse a customer to identify their plans and commercial strategy and how this connects with your product set.
  • Understand how to analyse a customer and create a stakeholder heat map.
  • Take an emotionally intelligent approach to selling that builds long-lasting trust and strong relationships.
  • Create a structure for building a strategic account plan that will maximise success within an account.
  • Sales methodologies and their impact on the customer value
  • Understanding your customers strategy
  • The truth about stakeholder analysis and how to manage across multiple levels within an account
  • Using emotional intelligence within an account to manage relationships and maximise trust
  • Building a strategic account plan