Would you like to take more powerful notes, raise your visibility in meetings and keep discussions on track? Then this course is for you.

Note taking is an important skill to learn and develop in order to ensure the time we spend on taking notes is worthwhile and impactful. Note taking will help you improve your recall of events and your understanding of the key issues. By learning and using some great note taking techniques it will help the meeting create more focus and achieve long-term positive outcomes.

Ensuring the meeting is run efficiently and effectively for all those involved is crucial and with some understanding of how to structure a meeting discussion, how to facilitate others and when to make successful contributions it will help you with your overall professional meeting skills impact. 

Designed for those that take notes in meeting scenarios and would benefit from a greater understanding of how to get the most out of meetings. It will help with directing the meeting and the art of making effective contributions. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what to note – techniques on effective note taking.
  • Quicken your writing – speedwriting techniques.
  • Keep on track with your notes and the overall meeting.
  • Gain critical listening skills – what is relevant to note?
  • Understand how to structure, direct and contribute to the success of the meeting.

Note taking techniques 

  • Determining different types of meetings - pros & cons 
  • Exploring strategies for note taking 
  • Highlighting decisions and actions 
  • Reducing the amount you write without losing crucial information 

Speed writing skills 

  • Learning how to abbreviate words to speed your writing 
  • Using abbreviations for frequent words and common endings 
  • Creating a system of symbols 

Critical Listening & Summarising skills 

  • Distinguishing between facts, opinions and hearsay 
  • Listening for signposts 
  • Summarising relevant & key information 

Successful meetings 

  • Keeping the meeting on track - structure and direction 
  • Learning the art of facilitating others 
  • Building an environment of Inclusiveness 
  • Making successful contributions