In this 90-minute interactive session, participants become acquainted with eight different styles salespeople exhibit during the most critical aspect of selling - the sales call.  They learn that the most successful salespeople (the “Experts” style) exhibit a balanced style that draws from the best of the other styles while avoiding the styles’ weaknesses.  

Participants assess their own sales tendencies and identify behaviours they need to exhibit more frequently (or less frequently) during sales calls.  In the session, participants are also introduced to a three-step sales process they can follow to move smoothly and professionally through a sales call.  They learn that by following this process they can respond effectively to the customer’s questions and needs while also maintaining sufficient control over the process to meet their own call objectives.

  • Evaluate your sales tendencies and identify steps to become a more well-rounded salesperson
  • Use a three-step process to open a sales call effectively
  • Move a sales call forward by identifying customer needs and presenting solutions
  • Wrap up a sales call and gain commitment
  • Identify actions to build your sales skills