An engaging interactive day, which looks at key tools, techniques and principles to build the talent pipeline in your organisation.

Drawing on your own experience, we will work through real life examples to identify key people and critical roles. This approach which will enable you to immediately translate what you learn in the classroom into a series of practical actions you can take back in the workplace to develop the talent pipeline and succession plans within your company.

The course is aimed at mid-level managers who manage first line managers. It will also help managers to build strategies for developing talent in their teams, units or departments as well as identifying high potential individuals and creating succession plans for key and critical roles within the team.

Those stepping into an HR business partner role for the first time will gain a broad understanding of talent management, however this course is not aimed at experienced HR professionals.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define ‘talent’ and differentiate talent management from succession planning
  • Differentiate the gurus and high performers from the high potential people in your business
  • Develop a framework for identifying and developing talent in your team
  • Build a talent network which includes high quality external candidates
  • Create development strategies which will build the strength of the talent pool
  • Conduct talent reviews in your organisation and facilitate talent conversations with key stakeholders
  • Manage career conversations with your team and help them understand their development path within the organisation
  • Create an action plan that will help improve your talent management and succession planning approach

To prepare for this intensive course and enable a more productive experience, please bring with you your existing talent review framework and/or examples of talent management process.

Talent Management – What’s It All About?

  • How do you define talent for your organisation?
  • The difference between talent management and succession planning

Talent Reviews

  • Holding a talent review – key things to consider
  • A talent review framework – a practical example of a talent review in action
  • The difference between high potential and high performance
  • Internal identification of talent – key roles and paths and creating the right climate

Building Your External Network

  • How to identify the right organisations and individuals for your network
  • What you need today may be very different from tomorrow – ensuring your talent and succession plans support the long term business objectives
  • External recruitment and selection to attract the talent you require now and in future

Development and Succession

  • How to create the right development opportunities for individual and the organisation
  • The importance of the conversation
    • there’s no point having a talent pipeline and keeping it secret
    • your team should know where they are on the talent pipeline
    • we’ll help you develop strategies to manage the conversations and expectations

Evaluation and Action

  • What are you going to do back in the office?