This 90-minute virtual session will help you to understand what makes teams effective, and how to address some of the issues that can make them ineffective. You will explore a set of building blocks that support the development of an effective team, and will consider how to overcome the five recognised dysfunctions that can prevent a team from reaching its potential. Finally you will consider the intrinsic drivers that motivate people and teams, and how to leverage these for your own team.

This short session is suitable for anyone who manages a team, and would like to understand more about team dynamics and the role of the manager in helping the team to evolve towards high performance.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • State the characteristics of an effective team
  • Plan to take the required steps for building an effective team
  • Take action to mitigate the issues that can cause team dysfunction
  • Identify actions to increase levels of motivation among team members