This course will help you to identify how precious your time is and give you a range of techniques to effectively protect and manage it for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Through practical exercises and examination of proven time management tools and techniques, you will develop the ability to plan, prioritise and delegate effectively.

This course is for busy people who want to be able to manage their time in the most effective way possible.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set a positive intent for each day, with a clear purpose and priorities
  • Define your overall purpose and set meaningful goals to help you to achieve it
  • Prioritise daily tasks in a structured and methodical way
  • Delegate your ‘time stealers’ to prevent them from disrupting your purpose
  • Implement tools and techniques to manage interruptions and distractions
  • Negotiate better outcomes using a positive ‘no’
  • Defining your purpose and priorities for each day
  • Defining the overall purpose of your role
  • Linking your objectives to key result areas and success measures 
  • How to set SMART goals for yourself 
  • Defining the importance and urgency of each task
  • Using urgency/importance to plan and prioritise your work
  • Managing interruptions and distractions that threaten to disrupt your purpose
  • Defining your personal ‘time stealers’ and how to deal with them 
  • How to say ‘no’ positively and assertively
  • Removing the barriers to delegation
  • Applying a simple structure to delegating appropriate tasks