Your unconscious preferences can prevent you seeing the talent that's right in front of you. Becoming aware of your biases – and those of others – takes you one step closer to managing the predicament.

Are you or others in your organisation turning away or discounting potential talent in your industry or company because of their appearance, their accent or some other factor that doesn't relate to the job?

Most of us firmly reject stereotypes and would answer that question with a resounding "Of course not!" Unfortunately, your own brain may be getting in the way of your good intentions. Regardless of your intent, you may be exhibiting unconscious bias – a level of bias that you may not even be aware of, but one that subtly affects the way that you perceive and interact with others. Becoming aware of your own unconscious bias – and that of others – is a key step towards controlling it.

Hemsley Fraser provides a range of services to organisations to help deal with unconscious bias:

  • Short interactive facilitated sessions
  • A training programme for HR professionals and managers
  • Consulting expertise – to help you build a strategy to mitigate it