For more than a century, the world’s top executive secretaries could expect to work for just one boss, the chief executive or managing director. Today research shows that almost half of PAs have four or more bosses. Only around one in five PAs have a single boss.

Working for multiple bosses can be exciting and have benefits such as providing insights into the management process. It can also mean constantly juggling priorities and often means dealing with conflicting demands – leading to very long work days.

Suitable for secretaries, personal assistants, and administrators who deal with the conflicting priorities of supporting more than one boss, sometimes virtually.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Prioritise - so your priorities complement those of your bosses
  • Make interactions effective and not time-stealers
  • Estimate and negotiate timescales
  • Control stress by acting assertively
  • Delegate to meet peak workloads


  • Your tasks versus those of your bosses
  • Pareto’s law
  • Projects, not personalities
  • Managing bosses with conflicts of interest and priorities
  • Dealing with unrealistic expectations

Making Interactions

  • Effective controlling interruptions
  • Ensuring meetings are worth having
  • Liaising with bosses virtually

Estimating and Negotiating Timescales

  • Keeping simple visual charts
  • Handling unrealistic deadlines and last-minute assignments
  • The 5-As method of negotiating

Behaving Assertively

  • Saying ‘no’ without others realising it
  • Reducing stress
  • Handling difficult bosses

Dealing with Peak Workloads

  • Helping each other out
  • Delegating when necessary

Personal Development

  • Formulating a personal action plan