This course will give you the opportunity to focus on the written word - the style and tone, and the impact it will have on your reader.

Have you ever thought of how your writing could become even more effective? What makes a document easy to read and understand? How can we encourage our reader to read on and act quickly? Practical exercises, discussion and one-to-one feedback from your trainer will answer these questions. You will learn how to get started, adopt the right style and tone for specific situations and enhance your image in your reader's eyes.

Designed for those who have experience of writing a variety of documents, and who want to develop their style of writing and sharpen their impact. The content will apply to emails, letters, reports, sales tenders and proposals.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and follow the six principles of effective business writing.
  • Focus on and satisfy readers’ expectations.
  • Ensure your message is quickly understood and accepted by the reader.
  • Avoid word inflation.
  • Adopt a variety of preparation techniques.
  • Write convincing, persuasive and powerful documents that achieve their objectives.

To gain maximum benefit, please bring with you samples of your written work that you can review throughout the course. You will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire which will help the trainer to focus on individual needs.

The Foundations

  • Six principles of business writing
  • Grammar Quiz / Refresher
  • The 5 Ws – what questions to ask before writing
  • Putting yourself in the readers’ shoes

Developing a 'Lean & Fit' Writing Style

  • Clear and concise writing
  • Active and passive voice (what is the difference and guidelines for use) 

Giving our Writing Rhythm and Pace

  • Sentence and paragraph constructions
  • Bulleting information
  • Punctuation to aid meaning

Style and Tone

  • What makes an effective style of writing? 
  • How do we produce a professional tone?

The Benefits of Planning

  • Different techniques to use for short and longer documents
  • What would work for you? 

Persuasive Writing

  • Techniques used to help persuade our reader to our way of thinking 
  • The A.I.D.A. approach
  • Anticipating objections

Good Quality Business Writing

  • What is it? 
  • How can it help make an impact on the reader? 

The Final Touches

  • Avoiding time-consuming re-writes
  • Logical approach to proofreading