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Could this be the antidote that leaders need at this time?


With the current COVID-19 situation, our sense of reality is greatly altered and as human beings, we go into either fight or flight mode and the stress response is turned up, yet at the same time, the human intuition insists on connection, community and care. All of us, consciously or not, are searching for psychological and physiological safety right now and we at HF felt a moral imperative to respond to this call.

HF are bringing to market a virtually facilitated process which speaks to the human need for connection, care and community in these times. Called Leaders Connected, this programme brings people together and expertly guides them through a process that focuses on helping them rise to the challenges they face. Platform agnostic, this programme is quick to deploy in organisations.


Our sense of reality is greatly altered and right now the world is in triage. 

Principles and thoughts

see the impact

3 Hour Leaders Connected Process

1) Check in > Council Process - 75 minutes

2) Go learn > Active Reflectivity - 30 minutes

3) Learn together > Action Learning Set - 60 minutes

4) Check out > Personal Intent - 15 minutes


Full course overview


“Its easy when we feel overwhelmed to think “everything” is the problem. It was good to look at what is actually troubling me and find ways to work through this.”

“I’m really glad we did this. I’m glad this was organised for us. I didn’t think anyone realised we really needed it, especially now.”

“I didn’t realise how much being away from the office had impacted me until now. I feel more in control somehow.”

“I realised my whole daily routine had been disrupted. This helped me find a way to create a new normal.”