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The Manager's Virtual Conference

Sustainable Leadership in a Changing World


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Five engaging sessions

Agile Leadership and the 4th 'C' 

Jo Morgan portrait

with Jo Morgan 

Agile leaders are essential for the modern workplace where the only constant is change. And this is true now more than ever, with the changes we’ve all experienced in recent months. We explore the three ‘C’s or typical core principles to leading with agility. But what’s the differentiator of today? The elusive fourth ‘C’. 

The session will address:​

  • The three 'C's of agile leadership and the fourth 'C'
  • How agile leadership changes the way you make decisions
  • The influence of social dynamics on your leadership style
  • Practical suggestions on using cultural intelligence for increased performance  


Inclusive leadership

with Ian Caldecourt

In this session, we move away from applying rigid rules according to which generation team members belong to and embrace the power of diverse individuals. Ian will first show you how to identify differences so you can flex your style accordingly.
Ian will then demonstrate how taking a more collaborative approach and using empathy can lead to absolute best performance from your team. You will explore best practices and potential pitfalls which will influence your everyday leadership behaviour. As the virtual world encompasses us today the need to be an inclusive leader becomes more important to get the best out of all your team.

The session will cover:

  • Beyond the multi-generational team - maximising the skills of your diverse workforce
  • Valuing differences of opinions, behaviours and ambitions in your team
  • How to lead and inspire an array of different personalities

Keynote: Leading authentically - How do you do it?

Deena De Vries-Jones picture

with Deena De Vries-Jones

People who we feel are authentic appeal to us. They inspire confidence and trust. It is something we say people are or are not – and in these recent times, you have probably decided yourself whether people are behaving authentically or not. Authenticity is the ability to be truly self-aware and comfortable with who you are.

Has your authenticity been tested recently? Have you seen your own behaviours change? In current times authentic leadership is something people will respond to; people who know their values, live their values and are committed to their beliefs

This session will help you reconnect with yourself, give you an opportunity to look at your values and beliefs and discover how you want to be as an authentic leader.

In this session we will look at:

  • What is authenticity?
  • What makes an authentic leader?
  • What makes you authentic?
  • How has your authenticity been challenged in 2020?
  • What do you want to do differently as a leader in 2020 (and going forward)?
  • How do you want to take people on your journey?

Resilience - Moving into the 'new normal'

with Gail Rowntree

This workshop will explore how an understanding of resilience can assist us all during periods of extreme change. The session will look at what resilience is and how organisations can underpin the development of vital skills to support increases in workload, changes in the work environment and coping with transitioning to the 'new normal'.

It will also evaluate what individuals can do to support themselves and also what managers can do to create a supportive environment for fostering wellbeing.

The session will cover:

  • A bit of academics: what is resilience? How does it link to your wellbeing?
  • Important aspects you need to consider as a leader
  • Your role in supporting your team to build resilience
  • Practical suggestions around looking after yourself
  • Facilitated Q&A session

Meet our expert speakers

Jo Morgan

Jo spent her early career in retail management, where at just 25 years old she ran a £2.5m+ restaurant, leading a team of over 100 people. It was here she realised her passion for human psychology, nurturing and developing talent as well as the power of effective leadership. She later moved on to focus on employee engagement, wellbeing and culture change, affecting the forward-thinking strategy of 120,000 strong workforce.

Having spent the last 20 years of her career working with fast-paced, customer centric, large and often complex organisations, Jo went on to co-found PeopleUnboxed, a dynamic and disruptive people solutions consultancy. Here Jo is inspired to use her breadth of expertise, coupled with sound operational and business acumen, to empower organisations to unbox their people potential.

Ian Caldecourt

Ian has worked in L&D for over 25 years. His energetic delivery style will bring stories to life that make learning enjoyable and memorable.
Linking his experience to practical application will make sure you leave the session with a smile and a better way of working.

Highly energetic, entertaining and informative – one thing’s for sure – you’ll never forget one of Ian’s sessions!

“I love seeing the look on people’s face as I give them a tip or piece of advice that they can relate to and use in their job. I want every piece of work I do to make a real difference and give people a springboard to develop in their role. I’ll always aim to make my learning interventions energetic, fun, engaging and easy to use.”

Ian Caldecourt

Gail Rowntree

Gail Rowntree

Gail is a qualified Organisational Psychologist who helps organisations with mental health and other related issues.

She has experience of dealing with crisis in organisations by deploying for a mass disaster organisation to approx. 15 worldwide incidents, working in-the-field to support families but also the teams undertaking search and recovery. Gail also supported team employees in affected organisations to help with their recovery and post-traumatic growth.

"Teaching and supervising at various educational organisations rounded off my ‘education’ in writing and researching for the latest ideas in organisational psychology and psychiatry. I have published several articles and book chapters on a variety of related topics such as: resilience in deployment, supporting staff through trauma, workplace stress and I was once invited to contribute to the national curriculum for all new Paramedics in the UK."

Any spare time is taken up with volunteering at Battersea Dogs and Cats home as a dog socialiser.

Deena De Vries-Jones

Deena is an expert in leadership development and a qualified executive coach. Deena has a positive and engaging style that allows her to quickly establish rapport and trust within people. She has over twenty years' experience in HR within corporations such as Unilever. Deena enjoys working with individuals or teams in an open and supportive environment that allows people to be themselves and see the many strengths they possess. 

Deena is passionate about developing confidence in individuals – whether women in leadership or with a Premiership Football club to increase their performance management. She is a master practitioner of NLP as well as  licensed to administer and interpret a range of diagnostic tools. 

"Although in business sometimes the “what” you do is not your choice, “how” you do it is always your choice."

Deena is a native Southern Californian but chose the European lifestyle and moved to London in 1990. She lives near London with her husband of 27 years.