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new CPD programme rewards Olympus staff with development ‘credits’

new CPD programme rewards Olympus staff with development ‘credits’

The programme operates through a system of ‘credits’ and is designed to encourage the staff in the UK and Ireland to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Employees in the Medical Systems Division are each given a number of credits - depending on their seniority or tenure - which entitle them to attend Hemsley Fraser’s open training programmes. One credit equals one day of training. 

“In the past, we’ve supplemented our own internal management courses with ad hoc training programmes from different providers but we decided to create something fairer, more substantial and identifiable that would engage and empower our employees and also benefit the business,” said Peter Hawkins, Head of Professional Education at Olympus Medical Systems. “We’ve branded this programme ASPIRE. Rewarding our staff with credits means they don’t have to worry about the course prices and it removes any comparison of the monetary value of each person’s training.”

After reviewing the market, Olympus appointed Hemsley Fraser. “We specifically wanted our staff to attend open programmes where they’ll benefit from sharing experiences with their peers in different organisations,” added Peter Hawkins. “We chose Hemsley Fraser because they not only deliver high quality and impactful learning, they’re experienced at managing complex training requirements and they add value through their partnership approach and the quality of their team.”

Hemsley Fraser has created a dedicated online catalogue for Olympus. This includes 90 open programmes covering subjects such as people management, leadership, interpersonal skills, communications, sales, marketing, presentations, project management and finance.

“Staff can self-select any course that will enhance their development and help further their career. Also, following their personal development reviews, our staff can choose any programme that will meet their learning needs and help them in their roles,” said Peter Hawkins. “They’re not limited in their choice. We’ve tried to remove any obstacles for them and make the CPD process as simple as possible.”

The open programmes are delivered in London and at regional UK locations. Hemsley Fraser manages the administrative aspects of booking delegates and maintaining attendance records.

“The feedback from our staff has been universally positive,” said Peter Hawkins. “People are empowered to self-select training that’s pertinent to them and the programmes are enjoyable, well facilitated and tailored to the requirements of those attending. It’s too early for objective evaluation data but anecdotally we believe the programmes have been very beneficial for our employees and for our business. ASPIRE is also an attractive benefit when we’re recruiting staff, as we can promote that we have a CPD programme which gives them the opportunity to develop or enhance their skills.”

Olympus is keen to extend the ASPIRE programme to staff in its Dubai and Beirut offices.

“Our business philosophy promotes integrity, innovation and involvement,” said Peter Hawkins. “The ASPIRE programme fits within this as it’s an innovative approach to developing people’s professional education. It involves staff and adds value to their experience of working for us. That, in turn, helps them to add value to the business.”