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The PA Virtual Conference Summer - The Skills You Need to Succeed in a Virtual World

For PAs, EAs, secretaries, and office administrators

Join us for an exciting virtual learning event! Filled with inspiring keynote speakers, interactive learning sessions and engaging workshops.


dates 30th July 2020         price £330    

Four engaging virtual sessions

Hear, hear! Listening to optimise virtual communication

by Lindsay Taylor

Communicating effectively with your team can be a challenge at the best of times.  You already know that Brian in Accounts just wants the bulleted headlines, your fellow administrator Jane loves to chat and gets sidetracked easily, your Executive is a “morning” person so it’s best to catch up first thing…..and now you’ve got the extra challenge of calls and meetings taking place virtually…..

At this session, we’ll explore the art of listening and its relevance to optimising communication online.  Lindsay will introduce learning to help you create and maintain the very best working relationships that are fundamental to your success, effectiveness and efficiency.   You will learn to

  • Maintain focus and concentration through virtual meetings
  • Employ active listening skills
  • Listen to the three key elements of communication
  • Identify barriers to listening and develop strategies to overcome these

Managing pressure and conflicting demands whilst working remotely

by Ian Caldecourt

Do you feel under even more pressure now you are working virtually as you juggle different people’s needs, deal with several different projects at once or have to adapt to changing priorities?

In this session, Ian will give you some tried and tested tips to managing relationships and dealing with conflicting needs effectively whilst maximising your performance as the workspace you are in has changed.

The session will cover:

  • Pragmatic ways to deal with challenging people
  • Changing your reaction and changing your perspective
  • Staying focussed when everything is urgent
  • Balancing work and home life

Keynote: 'Let's collaborate virtually' - Putting the dream into your team

by Donna Coulling, Celebrity PA and author of The Chamber of Celebrity PA Secrets

“Collaboration is the process of two or more people in working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.”

Since lockdown began, a lot more people are now working from home, including those who have never done so before, do you feel that you want to collaborate more to lessen the sense of working alone? Do you still feel part of a team, albeit virtually?

Our office days have been turned inside out and we’ve all had to learn new structures, how are they working out for you?

Donna is the personal assistant to Helena Bonham Carter, Rachel Weisz, Sir Derek Jacobi, Samuel West and Harland Miller, she has been in this role for over eighteen years. She believes that we evolve every day, in what we read, watch, the conversations we have and the people we meet. Sometimes there is a shift, and that’s okay. Let’s address the changes and build on them to create a successful PA/Executive partnership. 

Donna will discuss:

  • Boundaries within the workplace
  • 'It's not you, it's me'
  • Respect and communication
  • Structure and cooperation

Speaker to be confirmed...

Working virtually: making it work for your organisation and yourself

by Caroline Wylie

It is now common to work with people who are geographically dispersed or who work remotely. Many workplaces have become mobile. How do you ensure that way of working is successful in meeting both your needs and that of the company? Remote teams can and do work well if the supporting organisational systems and structures are aligned for a remote work environment. Your speaker will show that there often needs to be a paradigm shift to move to a networked and collaborative structure. As the PA or admin professional you are often tasked with helping management make this shift happen!  

In this session you will learn tips from a seasoned virtual assistant on:

  • Addressing management concerns and challenges with when working with remote teams
  • The mindset shift necessary for success and your part to play in this 
  • Overcoming the barriers to success when working remotely 
  • How to manage and engage management when you are the virtual workforce - the tools and technologies, specific systems and processes affected by the virtual environment

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