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Why learning in 2020 will be all about creating a “buzz”
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To say something “has a buzz” conjures an image of energy and excitement. To “buzz” someone is to get their attention. When we “get a buzz” – whether from our morning coffee or our evening happy hour – we know the feeling hangs around a bit. Aren’t these all the same feelings we want from the workplace – and want our employees to feel?

white paper - Developing resilience: today’s must-have competency
White Paper

Greater self-awareness, new thinking and different habits can all help us respond more effectively to the challenges of the workplace.

Developing resilience: today’s must-have competency
White paper - bridging the digital talent gap paper
White Paper

Practical insights to help you accelerate digital transformation by developing your workforce.

white paper - how to develop your managers with Levy funding
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Follow five steps to deliver effective management development with your Apprenticeship Levy contributions, says Rupert Grant.

white paper - a checklist for digital learning
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Digital learning can add value in organisations but only if L&D teams choose their platform and resources with care, says Lynsey Whitmarsh.

white paper - becoming an agile organisation
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How a new mindset and new work practices can enhance engagement and effectiveness

white paper - make all your learning instantly available on-demand
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Imagine a central hub containing all of your learning resources that employees can access with one click. The future of learning is an on-demand model of easy access, says Lynsey Whitmarsh, head of digital and innovation at Hemsley Fraser. 

evolution of selling and the HF way
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You will see many acronyms in the sales world for “sales processes” but they all follow a similar pattern and focus on identifying the “pain points” or “needs” of the customer. The challenge with this formulaic approach is that it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work for a number of reasons. 

white paper - a call for compassionate performance management
White Paper

written by Murray Furlong who is an executive consultant at leadership development specialist, Hemsley Fraser.

Performance management is rightly experiencing a radical overhaul. The structured, one-size-fits-all process of twice-yearly reviews, often perceived by busy managers as a necessary evil, has been denounced as formulaic, backwards-focused and subjective. In its place, pioneering employers such as Deloitte* are now advocating a continuous, ‘one-size-fits-one’ approach. But there’s an opportunity to take this even further.