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our people... our strength

Making working lives better is our passion, so it’s pretty clear we’ll want you to enjoy every moment of working with us.
Our people are our strength & we can’t wait to meet you.


our team

  • Moyra Wright

    I became a learning and development consultant, to help individuals and organisations gain the business value from their projects by enabling them to experience best practise, in a safe learning environment. Whether I am running an examination or a non-examination project management event, I love to see, the light bulb moments; when all the terms and tools used in project management all fall into place and make sense. I love to hear delegates say ‘I had always wondered…’ and ‘…that will make it easier’. My aim in the training room is to share my experience and expertise with an injection of fun and humour, which hopefully brings the learning to life.  

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, understanding, is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  • Malcolm Caudren

    25 years in learning and development has given me a wide spectrum of experiences and perspectives from both military and civilian work sectors. I fell into training by accident and found I loved it, understanding how people need to develop, providing the material to help them learn, exploring the options with them and then seeing how what they have discovered has made a difference to their working and personal lives. I believe in making the learning environment fun, building a good rapport with and tailoring material to meet individual needs. Learning is a partnership where I provide the stimulus and assist you in finding solutions that will work for you, in your environment.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Life – Never miss an opportunity to say hello, it could be the start of a relationship that could change your life
    Work – 20th Century management was about treating people how you like to be treated, 21st Century leadership is about treating people how they want to be treated.

  • Jean Sutcliffe

    I didn’t find Learning and Development.  It found me.  Someone approached me and asked me if I would like to join his Team.  He said I’d be really good at it.  ‘What me?’ -  I said.  ‘Surely not me – that means standing up in front of people – that means speaking up and getting people engaged – and teaching them something new or different -  that’s not me’. My inner voice and emotional brain was screaming not to – I’d fail – it would be a disaster, people will laugh at me.  Stick with what you know – you’re good at that.  Thank goodness I found some help and guidance to overcome that F.E.A.R.  – False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.  I realised that I was actually genuinely interested in other people, some might call it nosy.  Other people’s lives, other people’s careers but most importantly other people’s development – I truly am passionate about wanting people to better themselves and succeed in life. I believe that happiness brings success, rather than success bringing happiness.  I am energetic, positive, fun and will help you see what you are truly capable of.  

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Act with the curiosity of a child.  Be brave, step through the open door.  Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you can fly.

  • Hannah Kirk

    The best part of my job is watching people realise that they can change a situation that they are not happy with and that I have been the facilitator of that change. That ‘I get it’ moment is the most rewarding part of my job. I approach every session that I run with a view to helping people work out what it is they need to change and how they are going to do it. I do this with energy and enthusiasm…  That bit comes naturally to me as I take real pleasure in working with people. In that sense I feel I am very privileged and have been lucky to work with and help hundreds of people over the years. So, who wouldn’t be happy? 

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Life tip – Keep garlic and ginger in the freezer as it is easier to peel, grate and chop.
    Work tip – If you want someone to be accountable and responsible for a task, project or even an objective, you have to consult and involve them in the process, otherwise you are just handing them a ‘to do’ list.

  • Graham Kerr

    I don’t deliver courses, I deliver workshops…I believe that what best enables you to learn, is the discussion and use of real life scenarios. Yes there’ll be theory to learn and tips to share, but I want to know your thoughts, concerns and suggestions. How will you implement what we cover? How will you use the workshop content to help you develop new and better ways of working? I think you’ll feel the training experience at Hemsley Fraser is quite different from anything you’ve experienced before. We’ll work hard but also play hard. We’ll do practical exercises and have a go at some serious quizzes. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to challenge us and get us all learning something new.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My learning tip:
    ‘Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, education will not. Persistence and determination are omnipotent’. I can’t remember who said this but in my experience talent and education, when teamed up with persistence and determination, pretty much guarantee ultimate success. 

  • Phil McKew

     believe learning is natural and lifelong whether in a training room, e-learning, on the job or elsewhere. Whatever the setting, the trick is to make the most of the learning opportunity in a way that works for you. Therefore, I try to tailor each event closely to people’s needs to help them apply what they learn to the real world – via stories, relevant examples, challenges, 1 to 1 chats with me or each other and action plans. Feedback on my style is that it’s practical, challenging and fun. I really enjoy seeing someone have an ‘A-Ha!’ moment; as the penny drops or hearing that I’ve been a part of building their confidence, knowledge or skills back in the workplace or in their life. It’s why I love my job.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    The 3 Cs of Delegation. When delegating think of the work as a joint of meat – don’t give people just the Crumbs (i.e. the jobs no one wanted!), or leave yourself the Carcass (i.e. you aren’t adding or consuming anything), but Carve selectively (i.e. delegate according to peoples appetite, taste and ability to consume the work and of course what’s already on their plate)!

  • Deena De Vries-Jones

    About 15 years ago I was very fortunate to realise what I love to do. Whether facilitating adults to learn something that makes them more effective, designing an innovative experience to learn differently, or being a catalyst as a coach so that people achieve what they want; I realise how fortunate I am everyday to do what I love to do!  My goal is to create an interactive, informal, open and supportive environment to both individuals and groups so that people can learn what they want in the way that they want – allowing them to embed their learnings as they find most valuable.  Everyone has all the potential to achieve what they want within them.  Two quotes that I have always found motivating as they sum up the ability we all have:
    "No one can ever make you feel inferior without your consent" (Eleanor Roosevelt)
    "You always have a choice" (Robert De Vries)

    My LinkedIn profile is here.  

    My Learning Tip:
    Know what matters to you and live and act with that integrity everyday – you might not bat 100%, but you will certainly be on the field.

  • Alex Phillips

    I really enjoy my work in learning and development because I get to work with so many great people.  Through my training, facilitation and coaching I love to help clients develop the confidence and pick up the tools and techniques they need to do things even better… Whether this is managing a team, delivering a high-impact presentation, or developing positive, effective relationships with the people they work with.  I come from a very different background; 17 years as a professional yacht skipper, including racing round the world as a skipper in the BT Global Challenge, has given me a wide range of experience of managing projects, individuals and teams in a very different environment.   I can always find a story from my own personal experience as a leader, to bring the concepts we cover to life.  I am keen to make sure that people get what they want from our training and facilitation – so my approach is very flexible and I aim to keep it engaging and fun throughout. 

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little-known learning tip:
    Doodling can improve your concentration and memory by up to 30%. So doodle away in those meetings!

  • Shona McFarlane

    I absolutely love what I do each day – which is to make a difference in any way I can to the lives of those I meet.  Through facilitating learning events or coaching one to one, I am able to offer alternative ways of looking at problems and challenges.  There is always more than one way of doing things, but generally as a human race we are searching for THE RIGHT way. By doing this we often miss the second or third possible way of acting in a situation. I believe in making learning fun and as interactive as possible.  The most rewarding part of what I do is people shaking my hand at the end of the workshop and saying thank you so much, I now know how to do what I want to do!

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Did you know that your brain is about 2% of your total body weight and 80% water - but uses 20% of your body's energy.  Because we need our brain to learn, focus and function we must keep it hydrated. Sipping approximately 2 litres of water throughout the day will help keep us hydrated.

  • Danielle Littlejohn

    My name is Dani and I am passionate about people and helping them feel that sense of achievement that wakes us up and spurs us on, making a day of work a joy rather than a chore.
    I invest my heart and soul in my delivery. Having been dedicated to learning and personal growth for many years, when I realised my profession as a trainer, it felt like it tied all of my previous work experiences into a reason and a purpose.
    I find it imperative that a training session is interactive and fast paced but still allows time for exploration and reflection, which is why I enjoy working with Hemsley Fraser so much. All sessions involve a real variety of exercises and tools to appeal to all learning styles and personality types.
    I love working alongside clients to design and deliver according to their objectives. It is rare for two days to be the same, so the fact that I am highly flexible and reactive to people requirements works to my natural skills.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    If you are having problems opening an airtight jar a small firm knock of the lid on the table top will jolt the airlock and break the seal making the lid easy to turn.

  • Ian Caldecourt

    I started working in learning and development because I wanted to make a difference. I love seeing the look on people's face as I give them a tip or piece of advice that they can relate to and use in their job. My knowledge and all that I know can be found at the click of a button, so my role now is to bring that to life through a story, an experience or a fun exercise to help make it stick. Whether I’m delivering a short 90 minute session or designing and delivering a full Management Development Programme I want every piece of work I do to make a real difference and give people a springboard to develop in their role. I’ll always aim to make my learning interventions energetic, fun, engaging and easy to use.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Life - If your fridge is pushed back against the wall moving it forward to leave a 3 inch gap can save 40% energy usage
    Work – We always want to know what motivates our staff, most managers tend to guess. A simple tip is just ask them you may be surprised at the answer!

  • Kush Shukla

    After having being trained and worked as a qualified Accountant, I found that most trainers regurgitated the same old management and leadership theory from textbooks.  So, I decided to be a trainer and a maverick and change the way leaders and managers are trained. If you give people what they really want and add real life stories, anecdotes and create fun, engaging and energetic learning activities, people can apply the learning straight away in their organisation and make a valuable difference. I help people think and behave differently and help them improve personally and in their career. To put it very simply, I help you to raise your game!

    My LinkedIn profile is here.  

    My little known learning tip:
    You can chill a bottle of wine within 6 minutes by putting it in water, ice and adding some SALT in an ice bucket. The salt helps to maintain the temperature and melt the ice and it’s the surface area contact and coldness of the water around the bottle, not the ice, which will cool the bottle quicker than just merely surrounding the bottle with ice.

  • Teresa Benzinski

    Learning and change have always fascinated me.  Having travelled extensively around the world, I’ve watched and listened to all that goes on, building on the store of my life experiences. These translate into examples and stories that engage people, illustrate and enliven whatever I’m training or facilitating. The sheer variety of others’ cultures and the individuals we meet mean that I can always look forward to whatever learning experiences I’m leading or participating in.  I really believe that humour, where appropriate, helps sessions flow as well as relaxing people.  Through enthusiasm and sharing, I’m convinced that learning with HF is memorable and fun.

    My linkedin profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Learn a new word every day (doesn’t even have to be English!). See if you can use it in some way as your confidence in your own word power grows.

  • George Baxter

    Learning and Development sort of landed on me by surprise initially. I was asked to design basic and advanced report writing courses for my then employer. The impact the results had on me was quite life changing. Watching an attendee suddenly recognise how something was done was so rewarding that I wanted to continue facilitating learning. So I have been using my knowledge and experience from many different work backgrounds to help people and to have that experience too. Whether it be through application of theoretical models to concrete experience, using anecdotes, humour, art or music, I thoroughly enjoy participating with my delegates – from the first-timer to the ‘seen it all before’ attendee – and also learning things along the way myself from our sessions. If I can help people and ensure they leave inspired, having learnt something new, then it makes it worthwhile – it’s why I do what I do!

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Life – Wrinkly shirt? Throw it in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes. Wrinkles gone. Work – You cannot force someone to change; only they can change if they want to and have the personal driver to do it.

  • Annabelle Beckwith

    I’m Annabelle Beckwith, and I came into learning and development following a ‘chequered career’ in the media, political research, the performing arts, marketing, PR and business development. My varied experience over the years has contributed to my current approach, which involves bringing knowledge and experience from sectors well outside the business environment, making them relevant and learning from them – and encouraging participants to do the same.
    I believe passionately that learning is an experience, and that everyone can do more than he or she thinks they can. One of the best aspects of my role is having someone come into a training room thinking “I can’t do this!” and leave thinking “I can...and I will!” For me, it’s as much about motivating and inspiring people to implement what they’ve learned as it is about imparting new knowledge and skills.
    Alongside training delivery, I enjoy devising programmes and learning experiences, bringing as much creativity and innovation to my design role as I possibly can, and meeting learning and business objectives in an engaging way which participants will remember.
    I Iove my job. Given the choice, I wouldn’t be doing anything else.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My top tips are:
    For life: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead to where there is no path...and leave a trail” Muriel Strode.
    For learning: Learn to learn from everything and everyone. The most valuable lessons in life are often ‘hidden in plain sight’.

  • Mark Downey

    When you are lucky enough to come into your own, you know it. And so it has been for me. Everyday I get to witness people transform into their true potential their power as humanity-filled powerful, leaders. To have this privilege is reward in itself but I also get to go through this transformation with them which is profoundly life affirming. I acquired this knowledge standing on the shoulders of giants. I get to share some irrefutable truths borne of their wisdom and coloured by my own experiences to people from all walks of life. This hands-on, learn-by-doing approach makes this work known at a deep physical, psychological and emotional level. It has a tremendous impact when acquired. I am resigned to being a perpetual student, irrespective of mastery achieved in my chosen profession. I am happy in the knowledge that the road to learning is never ending. I believe it should be the most fun you’ve had in years as you step into the new, improved version of you and go for a spin in the world!

    My little known leaning tip:
    Soften your knees when you are standing to speak. If your knees are unlocked, then you breathe deeper into your body. You will feel more relaxed while your voice will be freer, more resonant and more powerful.