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Useful information

Summer 2020 E-brochure

This eBrochure provides an overview of the many services we have available to help. Whether you need a virtual training programme for yourself, you need to quickly upskill your remote teams to work more effectively, or you need to provide development opportunities for employees in real-time, we can help.

Blended virtual training programmes

Select from our range of off-the-shelf blended virtual training programmes. They are specifically designed to be effective when taking part remotely. Our programmes include a mix of virtual expert-led delivery, 1:1 virtual coaching, plus on-demand digital learning.

Off-the-shelf virtual learning library

Our library of 90-minute learning sessions deliver short bursts of knowledge covering the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a topic; information-led Espressos cover the ‘what’ and ‘why’ complemented by practical Skill Drills to give the ‘how’.


Over 400 training courses available - Management, Leadership and Team Performance | Personal Effectiveness | Project Management | PA, Secretary and Administrator | Skills for the Digital Age | | Experiential Learning | Marketing | Sales | Customer Service | Financial Awareness | Purchasing and Supply Chain | HR |Train the Trainer | Health and Safety | Microsoft Excel Skills

Virtual Learning Infographic

So, you’re wondering if virtual learning sessions might work for you? Done well, they are great for updating skills, inspiring thinking and impacting behaviour change.

Infographic - Leaders: Giving Reassurance During Times of Uncertainty

Communicating during times of uncertainty is very similar to communicating during ongoing change. The challenge: communicating when the situation changes regularly and/or no new information is available.

Infographic - Resilience -

In any workplace there will be people who panic and withdraw at the first sign of trouble and those who who will thrive on challenges – demonstrating RESILIENCE. Read this infographic and make sure you are one of the resilient ones! 

Infographic - Communication Styles

 Monkey, Lion, Dolphin, Elephant...what are the attributes of each of these communication styles and how can you communicate with someone based on their preferred style?

Infographic - Energise Yourself at Work

8 ideas to energise yourself at work