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Useful information

Infographic - making the most of your day

Find out how to make the most out of your day with our time management infographic. Learn what good time management is, how to plan better and be proactive. Identify time stealers and remove them from your day!


Infographic - Developing Others

Investing in employee development leads to a happy and productive team. If you are responsible for the development of others then you will find some great facts and tips on our infographic.

Lindsay Taylor's HELLO Strategy for Networking.

PA and networking guru Lindsay Taylor presents her HELLO strategy to networking for professionals. 

Infographic - de-stress dice

This little, easy to use tool makes overcoming work-related stress much more fun!

Simply download, print out and stick together. 

Infographic - 5 ways to be more adaptable

Being adaptable will give you a competitive advantage; it will open up new opportunities, give you a better work-life balance and help you be more responsive to change. Download our top tips on '5 ways to be more adaptable'.

Infographic - innovation

tips on genearting and promoting innovation within your team and workplace

Infographic - stages of problem solving

Read the ten stages of problem solving, start with shifting your language from negative to positive and develop a sense of urgency! 

Infographic - social connections

Tips on how to be more socially connected at work and how it benefits your health. 

Infographic - three ways to unlock your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) has become a hot topic for 2016 and if you can master the art of emotional intelligence, your leadership and management skills will truly flourish.