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Useful information

Infographic - remembering your HR basics

If you’ve been a manager a long time or if you are new to management remembering your HR basics is vital so we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet to remind you of the HR requirements you need to have fresh in your mind set. 

Cheat sheet - employee engagement

Employee engagement is the logical and emotional commitment to an organisation and its success, which can lead to discretionary effort and intent to stay.
View challenges as positive opportunities and be enthusiastic to learn and develop new skills. Our new cheat sheet explains what drives employee engagement and what you can do to create it in your team. 

Infographic - healthy food at work

Keep healthy in the new year with our healthy food at work guide-with tips and suggestions to mix up your lunchtime choices and make sure you keep hydrated with a variety of drinks to choose from. 

Infographic - turn around those difficult situations

Are you regularly faced with challenging situations and not sure how to handle it? We have devised 6 easy steps to help you turn around those difficult situations. 

Infographic - supporting the manager you don't always see

It can be a challenge when your manager is regularly absent from the office, this handy infographic will give you pointers in how to manage this time effectively for both you and your manager.  

Infographic - having the edge over your business challenges

Read our guide to having to combating your challenges at work. 5 steps to having the edge, staying positive and learning to say no effectively. 

Infographic - your coffee replacement

Boost your productivity without caffeine, maintain your energy in your body, mind and emotion. Read our 8 tips to help you become more productive at work.

Infographic - assertiveness and self-confidence

This new infographic on building assertiveness and self-confidence will give you hints, tips and refreshers to help you maintain your skills reminding you to actively listen, empathise, negotiate and acknowledge your achievements as well your team.

Infographic - agility at work for a better work-life balance

Achieving a good work-life balance is tricky so we have put together a short infographic which offers advice and guidance in how to strike a good work-life balance and to help you make sure you are a setting the right example for your team.