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Useful information

Infographic - getting your team engaged

Engaging your team in their work is crucial to success, our five top tips will help you to implement the skills to ensure your team is engaging effectively. 

Infographic - making meetings matter

Make the most out of the meetings that you chair or attend. Read our top tips to succesfully lead meetings that are productive and informative. 

Infographic - seven simple exercises you can do at your desk!

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time can often be unhealthy and cause stiffness in the neck, shoulders and also contribute to lower back pain. Try our seven simple exercises you can at your desk and if done regularly can help ease the stiffness. 

Infographic - top tips for written communication

Read our top tips for written communication, remember to know the audience you are writing for and understand the importance of grammar.;

Infographic - women in leadership

There are 126m women operating new businesses worldwide and another 98m at the helm of established ones. Read our suggestions to help more women become business leaders.

Infographic - unconscious bias

The unconscious bias is the process of how we perceive and interact with others. Unconscious bias is more likely to take place when we are stressed, frustrated, angry or threatened. This infographic will provide you with the tips and benefits for managing your unconscious bias. 

Infographic - route to effective negotiation

Read your route to effective negotiation, by analysing the problem, actively listening, asking closing questions and more. 

Infographic- problem solving tasks

Define the problem that you have, think of possible solutions, decide on a solution, implement it and review. Read our different task suggestions to help you effectively problem solve your work challenges.   

Infographic- presentation skills top tips

We all want to deliver the most engaging and informative presentation, read the six key tops to focus on to improve your presentation skills.